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Happy Whole You is a Holistic Wellness Center that focuses on helping others transform their lives by using an unparalleled scientific approach to improve brain function, decrease body inflammation, tackle unresolved emotions, and overall physical health.

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23:54 12 Dec 22
I've been going to HWY and working with Amy since August and I can only describe my experience as life changing. Only now do I understand the concept of living a truly holistic life. When I first started going I was the average Joe, hum-drumming through life with more than a bit of significant mental and emotional trauma that needed work. I began with theta pod, brain tap, and voice scan sessions, now they're a partly of my daily/weekly routine. I've been looking for the words to describe my experience for a while now, but no matter how hard I try I don't believe I will be able to adequately articulate my experience. All I know is that I owe Amy, and everyone that makes HWY possible so much more than I will ever be able to repay.
My experience at HWY Raleigh location was nothing short of amazing! I had the opportunity to partake in the detox pod and I left feeling refreshed and rejuvenated!I believe their ability to combine full body detoxing and brain tapping into one therapy is the perfect example of how far Amy goes into giving you the best healing and wellness experience you could ask for!I will absolutely be back again!
Aquila PinnixAquila Pinnix
18:12 24 Sep 22
I enjoyed my 1st experience with here learning about modalities that can improve my whole body wellness that I wouldn’t typically consider. I’ve known Amy for years as a stellar athlete & can see how she’s continued to be healthy over the years especially post-pandemic is significant. I’m really good about the workout part of wellness & fitness but know I can be a more well rounded and more competitive athlete by focusing on reducing stress & understanding HRV and how my habits with recovery affect how well I perform. I normally don’t like to relax but the theta pod helped me feel I could benefit from reprogramming my thought processes. Feeling happy & whole😁
Julia RoumanisJulia Roumanis
00:50 13 Aug 22
I love coming to HWY! I found happy from a referral of a friend and didn’t really know what to expect.I booked my first experience and Amy was more than helpful. She gave me a tour and explained each room and the different treatment centers.I started with the theta pod but came back for the detox. I also love the bio programming charger. Honestly, you can’t go wrong with any of it.Definitely worth checking out this place. Can’t wait to go back!
Hannah SwaderHannah Swader
23:55 11 Apr 22
I found Happy Whole You on ClassPass and did the Detox Pod. It was a great relaxing experience and Amy even added on the Brain Tap audio session so I was able to really focus and set a good intention. A few days later I met up with Amy for a voice scan. She walked me through all my emotional blockages and gave me a lot of advice on what to do to break through those blockages. I will definitely be staying in touch and trying out all that Happy Whole You has to offer. It’s such a welcoming environment and Amy has been doing such a great job checking in on me.