Alessandra Mary Coaching

Alessandra Mary is a Certified Health + Life Coach, trained as a Women’s Circle Facilitator and Meditation Teacher and a Priestess Initiate in the 13 Moon Lineage of the Divine Feminine Mystery School.

She is devoted to creating sacred mentorship containers for women to explore their inner landscape, reclaim their intuitive wisdom, express their authentic truth and remember their innate divinity.

Her intention in working 1:1 with you is to support you in reclaiming and nurturing your relationship with yourself back into wholeness.

She believes that when you remember the truth of who you are and the infinite power that you are connected to, you recognize the pillar of light that you are. You come home to the radiance within and as a result feel deep nourishment and ecstatic aliveness, which empowers you to create a life that you are wildly in love with.

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