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Happy Whole You, HWY to Healing  Team is determined to help others transform and create some balance in their lives.  Creating a sense of balance in life is important for everyone to reach the highest levels of inner peace and happiness. However, most people need some guidance on achieving balance. There is absolutely nothing wrong with needing help, guidance, and support through difficult times.  Those who are wanting to turn their life around, make the necessary (but sometimes difficult) lifestyle changes, and create a better future, but don’t know where to begin, would benefit from a coach at HWY.  Everyone goes through turmoil at some point in their lives. Whether it be a divorce, loss of job, health issues, or other emotional traumas, HWY coaching can help facilitate healing on all levels of your life that may be affected.

For centuries, healers have studied the connection between our mind, body, and spirit.  Ancient spiritual teachings have linked spirituality to the physical world, showing us that they are deeply interconnected and have a powerful effect on one another. In modern times, science has been able to study this connection between the mental, the physical, and the spiritual.  Scientists all over the world are proving that our thoughts are indeed linked to our body’s health. To briefly explain how this is possible, there are neurological pathways that connect parts of the brain that process emotions with the spinal cord, cardiovascular system, digestive tract, and muscles. This is why different mental states can positively or negatively affect biological functioning.  Different events that happen in our lives, trauma, heartbreak, stressors, and emotions trigger physical symptoms in the body.  If we do not process our emotions in a healthy way, and instead hold on to or suppress them, we can develop anxiety, depression, or anger issues that disrupt our body’s natural ability to heal itself.   The problem is, most people do not know how to release emotional blockages and they carry these trapped emotions for years.  We can also end up developing other diseases or chronic pain and inflammation. On the other end of the spectrum, our positive thoughts have healing effects on our bodies. With our thoughts and the right practices, we can overcome various chronic health issues and facilitate healing on multiple levels.

“Recently, scientists have proven that traumatic memories are archived in the body and even shared with offspring. Since the Emotion Code relies on the subconscious mind for its information, even emotions that have been passed down through families can be detected and released.  The beauty of the Emotion Code process is that when a trapped emotion was uncovered, we didn’t have to relive anything—we didn’t even have to talk about it.   Dr. Brad and Jean simply removed the emotional “charge” and cleared any energetic blockage.” Tony Robbins

Trapped emotions often drive people to self-medicate in various ways. You may find yourself working long hours, using drugs or drinking, thrill-seeking, or trying to solve everyone else’s problems.  Many people fail to perform up to their ability and have difficulty making their life work as they should. Oftentimes, the underlying cause of their frustration is a trapped emotion from a past event that they may not realize is sabotaging their efforts.

What is important to know before hiring an HWY life coach – or any coach for that matter – is that it will require high levels of personal strength and dedication. Healing is not always easy or pretty, and it definitely does not happen overnight. When you commit yourself to heal, it is 100% possible. HWY to Healing Coaching goes beyond just physical training and weight loss.  Happy Whole You Mindset Life-Guide Coaching involves every aspect of your life; physical, nutritional, occupational, spiritual, emotional, and financial health.   HWY assists you through a guided self-discovery process designed for you to recognize your own abilities, help you age gracefully, both physically and mentally, by using a variety of proven coaching disciplines carefully crafted to produce your best thinking to achieve the best decisions possible for all those aspects of your life.

We offer several different duration options for our individual programs:


Additionally, we offer group coaching programs on a more limited basis; our 4-week success series program, with our add-in approach strategy. This program can be implemented at your worksite or with a few friends. We are confident that whichever program you choose will add tremendous value to your life.