Breathworks with Kelsey

Kelsey Rudzinsky: Registered Nurse, Holistic Healer, Breathwork facilitator; 

Kelsey is devoted to raising the vibration of the planet. The three-part breathing technique Kelsey facilitates changed her life, which inspired her to become a facilitator and share this powerful self-healing tool with others. 

The breath is a powerful journey that sets you free.

Kelsey creates safe and inclusive spaces for deep healing and connection to occur. She empowers people to become their own greatest healer, while holding and guiding the space. She believes deeply in the power of healing in community; in feeling held, seen and supported while embracing our fullest expression. In addition to breathing spaces, Kelsey is a Reiki Master Practitioner and facilitates workshops relating to holistic health, women’s health, hormonal health, emotional release, manifestation, and more. 

Outside of healing spaces Kelsey enjoys being in nature, going on adventures and laughing. In a world filled with so much pain, Kelsey chooses to see the beauty, and Spreads Love wherever she goes.