Come learn about the Wheel of the Year, a Celtic solar calendar that cycles through eight important turning points in nature’s annual journey through the seasons and make a unique home decor craft to adorn your home with.



A little background…

This ancient wheel connects to each phase of nature from sprouting seeds to budding + blooming plants that then ripen into flower + fruit, turn to seed again, and finally return to the ground. These cycles are repeated in an endless turning of the wheel of our lives.



Why is this important?

Cyclical living is a devotional way to bring our attention and intention to the energetic cycles of nature. It invites us to listen to what each season is whispering to us instead of working against the natural tides.

When we allow ourselves to flow in harmony with the natural rhythms, our co-creative power is elevated and expanded. We get to effortlessly and jubilantly celebrate our ongoing growth + achievements with a feeling of deep alignment to Source.