HRV- Heart Rate Variability
What Is the Purpose Of BrainTap and HRV?

Using BrainTap and an HRV Scan (HeartRate Variability Scan) 
Rate Variability Scan) allows you to see how your body is responding to stress and these blockages are creating issues.  BrainTap offers a scientifically proven, highly effective and simple solution. The data acquired from the HRV scan answers these

Overarching questions:

“Are you handling your stress, or is your stress handling you?”

“How is stress affecting different parts of your body?”

“Is stress aging you prematurely?”

“How is stress affecting your metabolism?”

“Is stress depleting your brain function and energy levels?”


What Does the HRV Scan Measure? ?

ECG recording with real-time monitoring of functional state in the body Stress Index (is stress low or high)

Assessment of the state of the cardiovascular and nervous system (is the body in fight or flight, exhausted, or balanced)
Assessment of the body’s neurohumoral regulation (energy and metabolism) 

Assessment of the body’s current psycho-emotional state using the method of brain biorhythm mapping (is the brain stressed or balanced)

Assessment of the body’s adaptation level and level of harmonization of biological rhythms Determination of the patient’s biological age, determination of premature aging or reversed aging Simultaneous representation of two surveys’ results with a view of comparative analysis.

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