HWY Team

Amy has always been passionate about helping others, health and wellness. She is blessed with Anna Marie Frank, the founder of Happy Whole You in California.   Amy and Anna met at Western Michigan’s Track team.  They kept in contact over the years and Amy was always intrigued by what Anna was doing to help others.  Anna Marie was the seed for Amy opening up Happy Whole You in Raleigh.  

Amy has a few certifications and is always learning to continue to find new ways to help her clients.  She is a Certified Natural Health Professional, a Certified Holistic Health Practitioner  and working towards her Doctorate in Naturopathy.  She has her Brain Health Coaching Certification with Amen’s Clinic.  She is Reiki Master, Breath Works educator,  and holds a certification in Ericksonian Hypnotherapy, and loves to use the Emotional Body Code techniques.   Amy and Israel will have their 200hr Yoga Certification in the Spring of 2023. Amy enjoys the outdoors, grounding, taking her pups outside with future husband, Izzy.  She likes a good workout to get the serotonin boosted and has started to enjoy the slower pace activities in life like hiking or paddling boarding.

Israel Bilbao

As one of the founding members of Happy Whole You RDU, and soon to be marred to Amy Kleist.  Israel and Amy have a beautiful relationship and their passion together is one of a kind. 
Israel is passionate about health and wellness; he has been an endurance athlete for most of his adult life, competing in 6 Ironman, 7 half Ironman and 9 marathons.  Israel is a strong believer of  Happy Whole You’s mission to use its modalities to provide improved brain health and decrease whole body inflammation.  Israel has seen a huge improvement in his endurance races.  He has less inflammation, toxins, and more clarity.  He is focused on bringing awareness to the running and cycling community. 


Nana has been in Amy’s life since she was in elementary school. Nana was Amy’s soccer coach and always called Amy, #7.  Nana always believed in Amy and became a second mom to Amy. Nana took care of Amy for a few years and always held a special place in Amy’s heart. 

Amy brought Nana to North Carolina back in 2019, and she started at Happy Whole You in 2022. She is a gift to Happy and when you meet her you will experience her loving energy.  

Nana is Amy’s Executive Assistant and she wears many hats at Happy. She is blessing to happy and to the Raleigh community. 

Nana has a daughter, Tiffany and a son, Michael, and her favorite fur baby, Tuffy.   She enjoys meeting new people, reading a good book, watching a movie or going for a walk with her Tuffy. 

Kandice Kleist

Kandice has always been a natural healing with her hands.  She is gifted with touch and she radiates love.  She is number five in the birth order and watched many trauma’s play out with her parents and siblings.  She was always seeking natural ways to help heal.  When Amy called to ask Kandice if she wanted to be a part of the HWY team; Kandice without any hesitations said, yes.  The journey has been perfectly paved and she brings a beautiful light of healing.  Kandice enjoys anything outdoors, whether it be hiking with her husband, Ben and dog, Simba or paddle boarding.  She is very creative and has brought a lot of creative juices to Happy Whole You.