Lady Niguma Yoga

Lady Niguma taught a special type of yoga to open the 6 chakras, (6 in this series), and its aim is to make us happier.  

The series can be modified to fit into all of our lives, from a busy life as a career woman to a single mum; and can be done in 25 minutes or two hours. It is designed to be simple, easy and accessible. It is also accessible to men. The Chakras are opened from the root chakra up to the crown chakra, i.e. beginning at the bottom and working up, through all six chakras. Essentially the system works on the wind channels/nadis. The four steps of the system include the twist, the stretch, and then the gathering and then distribution of the prana as it is released; done at each chakra position. It is aimed at getting the prana moving into the central channel, the sushumna. When Prana flows through this central channel we experience happiness and ultimately pure bliss. We are in turn kinder to others and more compassionate.

Our next class is on August 17th at 6:30-8:00pm.