Ever wonder why sometimes the things you want come so quickly + easily, almost without you even trying and other times it seems like no matter how hard you are trying, it’s just not working out in your favor?

No, you’re not crazy.

No, you’re not doing anything wrong.

It’s because everything in this life moves in cycles and seasons.

We receive things easily when we are in flow with that rhythm and the times that we are not getting what we want is usually because we’re trying to force or make things happen.

Which is a clear indicator that we’ve fallen out of sync with the natural cadence of things.

There is an art to co-creating our realities.

Tuning in to the frequency of this fluid dance is a specialty of Alessandra’s that she is eager to share with you.

Join us for a series of four 90 minute workshops that will guide you through the phases of the moon, as an illuminating map, to navigate your co-creative journey within the cycles of your life.


Whether you attend one ($33) or decide to bundle all four ($111), we are honored to weave this manifestation magic with you.

Intuitive Intelligence

A new moon workshop for clarity, wisdom and guidance

Previous: Sunday, January 22nd . 1pm – 2:30pm

Next Date: TBA

Creative Catalyst

A waxing moon workshop for momentum, inspiration and aligned action

Sunday, March 5th . 1pm – 2:30pm

Grateful Goddess

A full moon workshop for celebration, radiance and receiving.

Saturday, April 8th . 1pm – 2:30pm

Sweet Surrender

A waning moon workshop for cleansing, spaciousness and trust.

Saturday, May 13th . 1pm – 2:30pm