A community healing experience that provides connection, authentic expression, empowerment, inspiration and conscious, intentional living.

Come experience the powerful practice of a woman’s circle, an opportunity for intuitive exploration and heartfelt expression, where we come together in sacred ceremony.

Inherent in our DNA, gathering in Circle is a part of our ancient ancestral lineages. As women, we have a magnificent ability to heal one another simply by paying witness, listening to and receiving each other with an open + accepting heart.

It’s nothing less than magic.

Each month will be centered around a certain aspect of the sacred feminine. Together we will explore the essential medicine of each archetype and how we can weave it into our everyday lives.

The focus for May is Liberation and the threads that will be woven in are…

※ Identifying the stories + identifies we attach ourselves to

※ Removing the masks of inauthenticity

※ Focusing to create something new from the ashes of rebirth


This is your chance to become intimate with your innate divinity, take ownership for what you want to create in your life and to commit to the actions, thoughts and behaviors necessary to get you there.


Things to bring:

A journal + pen

A blanket + water bottle if you desire extra cozy comfort

Any totems that are special to you that you may already use in prayer or spiritual practice.