NES Health

A powerful hand-held biofeedback device that is non-invasive and effective for rejuvenating the body’s energy and restoring proper energy flow through the body. It clears blockages, releases trigger points, and reduces stress in muscles, nerves, organs, and other areas of the body. As stress is released, energy can flow properly and the body’s own innate intelligence starts to heal itself.I

t employs several unique technologies — such as, pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy, global scaling frequencies (based on natural oscillations inside the body-field), and encoded onto the carrier wave is NES’ bio(quantum)-information from the mapping of the human body-field.


A unique line of liquid bioenergetic remedies based on more than 30 years of NES’ research and extensive mapping of the human body-field. Their success lies in perfectly matching to a specific organ, system, or sub-system of the body.

Colloidal minerals (Magnesium, Potassium, and Himalayan Crystal salts) in structured water are imprinted with corrective bio(quantum)-information to help repair the body’s information distortions in the body-field and restore it to its optimal functioning.

Because the drops are informational in nature rather than biochemical, they can be taken safely and conveniently with any foods or nutritional supplements and used in conjunction with other health programs or therapies.