Sacred Feminine Women's Circles

These sisterhood gatherings give women a safe space to connect, authentically share, and empower themselves as well as each other to live our lives with more conscious intention. 

It’s an opportunity to carry on the tradition of our female ancestors by forming a heart centered community to celebrate the divine feminine and honor seasonal living.


What is available to you at a women’s circle…

You are invited to awaken to the wisdom within you as well as around you.

You receive the magic of yourself, of nature and of the powerful circle of women.

When we access this insight + allow it to move through us, we are better able to know who we truly are, express ourselves more authentically, and feel more comfortable in our own skin. 

We remember that we are sacred, divine beings and powerfully magical co-creators with the Universe. 

We tune into the unified whole that we are part of, shedding the wound of separation that has caused us to be divided from ourselves, from each other and from nature. 

We call back our power, our beauty, our magic.

We begin to shift our lives so that the joy, love, and radiant abundance that we are experiencing and witnessing on the inside, is reflected to us on the outside, in our external reality.


Why is this important and what happens when we do this?

The more we tune into this voice, the louder it becomes. 

We begin to hear it over the other voice of ego + fear. 

We learn to be more discerning in what is actually for our highest good rather than what we think we should be doing, where we think we should be or how we think we should be acting.

How often do we “should” all over ourselves throughout the day? 

Beating ourselves up, comparing ourselves or making decisions that we KNOW are not meant for us but we are either too afraid or too lost to see any other alternative. 

When we commit to exploring our inner landscape and cultivating a connection with our intuitive wisdom, we see through the bullshit. 

We make choices that align with who we truly are and we become more confident in expressing our truth to ourselves, to our community and to the world.

When we come together in Circle, we open the channels + allow the space for a direct experience with our intuition to flow through.

If while reading this, you felt a full body YES to experiencing more of this, we invite you to join us at any or all of the upcoming monthly circles…