Come take a step back from the conditioned state of mind that convinces you to be “on” 24/7 and ease into a more natural, intuitive way of being.

By allowing the moon to be our guide, you will learn how to bring more balance and harmony into your life. This ancient celestial light has been a source of guidance, wisdom and healing for humanity especially women for thousands of years.

As a result, you will effortlessly reconnect with your co-creative power that enables you to consciously manifest your life as you truly desire it to be.

What To Expect

The last in a series of four workshops, we will explore the waning moon point of the lunar cycle, what it means, ways to work with it and where the energy of this phase lives within you. 

By the end of this event you will understand how to harness the potent energy of the waning moon and be able to weave its magic into your life. 

All participants will also receive a sample size of Coven Divine’s waning moon candle.