AO Scan
To whom it may concern: For the past 10 years I have been dealing with severe lymphedema. My left leg contained about 70-80 lbs. of fluid and my right leg contained about 40-50 lbs. of fluid. The doctors told me I’d probably be a slave to this the rest of my life, I felt hopeless. I could barely walk. Kevin Hentges a longtime friend sent me some information on the AO Digital Body Analyzer. He said he could make no promises but he would like to try this technology on me since he would be in the area doing a demo for Dr. Rozich.  Kevin said he had a suspicion that this possibly could be an energy blockage since nothing the doctors were doing was working. Kevin arrived and told me how this technology worked and he scanned me with the Analyzer.  I told him it felt like something was happening. He said it appeared like there were some blockages in my lymph and did a frequency optimization on the AO Scanner and the water started to flow out of my legs and it’s still draining. I had puddles of water on the floor and we had to use pans to catch the fluids then wrap my legs with absorbent material. My legs are starting to heal and I am feeling better daily, I have a ways to go but I am making amazing progress. My kidneys and bladder are working better too and I am also getting rid of excess fluid since the scan and optimization. I was amazed at its accuracy and the 24-page report it produced after the scan. I called Kevin the next day and told him the fluids were still draining and they continue to drain, I started to cry and I now have hope. To me, this is nothing short of a miracle. I thank God for this amazing technology.

Kathleen G.
I am in my 70’s and have had heart, knee and shoulder issues. Last year I almost died because of heart infection and a drug reaction.  I was scanned on the AO Digital Body scanner by Kevin and seen a 90+ optimization in all 3 heart scans. After I was finished I felt like a young man again and began working out and lifting weights. I have always been in great shape but since my surgery I have experienced many side effects. My scan was over a week ago and I still feel great, my shoulders and knees are about 60% better which is a huge improvement. My heart feels like it did years ago. This technology is nothing short of amazing. Thank you Kevin for sharing this equipment with me.

Richard H. Wayzetta, MN
Strange thing, after my scan on the AO Scanner my shoulder that I hurt 20 years ago and that has bugged me all this time quit hurting and popping after my scan. It’s been almost a month and it still feels great. Hard to believe.

Mark L. St George, UT

I have dealt with high blood pressure since my 20’s and I am currently 45 years old. I also have dealt with a heart condition call Supra Ventricular Tachycardia. I heard about this new technology and Kevin did a scan with the AO Digital Body Scanner and found some issues with my heart so we focused on that. Since my scan and frequency optimization my blood pressure has been great and I have not seen any symptoms of Tachycardia, it has been over 5 months.

I also have had bad allergies and the vital scan pinpointed my allergies and since the scan and optimization I have also had some allergy relief. I’m looking forward to my next scan to see what other differences it may make in my health which has been a lifetime battle.

Thank you Kevin for making my life a much better place!

Susan Benzmiller Franz Stevens Point, WI

Ann came to us in the midst of chemotherapy and radiation.  She has a brain tumor and, while wanting to continue with her current therapy, wanted to see if we could support her body to minimize the negative after affects.  We did a full AO scan and put her on the appropriate support.  A short time later she lost her hearing in her left ear from the tumor growing.  We started to do meta therapy on a regular basis and are very happy to report that not only has she regained the hearing back in her ear, which she was told would not return, but she is progressing very well under her current treatments and credits the A/O with how well she is doing, and with the reduced side affects when receiving chemotherapy. Her husband has commented on how well she does when regularly keeping her Meta therapy appointments, and we look forward to even better reports for her in the future.

Lynne came to us with a problem that has been persisting for decades. She has to wear long sleeves due to areas of the skin that get bruised very easily and heal very slowly. She had been to tons of doctors and practitioners, with expansive testing…. nothing showed up. With the AO scan we were able to find a genetic that was from Tuberculosis in the family line that was not only leaning her in the direction of eczema and psoriasis, but was a causative factor with the bruising. It has been a few months, but with the proper support, and detox, she has reported that the bruising is not only reduced in occurrence, but when it does happen is healing much more rapidly. We look forward to further progress.

James came to us with a repeat history of anaphylactic shock after eating. He had been to the ER 20 times in the last year and had been told that there was nothing more to be done for him, and that he had best go home and face that at some point he was going to die of anaphylactic shock. He said that he almost left the waiting room because what we were doing for testing was just a little “too out there”, but he decided to give it a try. Thru AO scan we were able to research his problem to a severe reaction to the ripening agent in fruits and vegetables. We further found that he had gut issues, and the need for a phenolic (quercetin) to retrain his system that the foods he was eating were not the enemy. He was thrilled! Previously he had no idea, and was not given any satisfying answers as to why he had the condition he had, plus no idea what to do about it. We are happy to report that he now is gaining weight, have had no more shock episodes and are beginning to be able to reintroduce the foods into his life that he could not consume previously. He has said the “A/O Scan has saved my life”.

Heart issues run in my family. I was scanned using the AO Digital Body Scanner and my heart starting feeling better right away. I’d recommend that everyone check this out to see what issues you are having and what this technology can do for you.  It’s amazing!

Debbie H.