Menla Holistic Health is pleased to present the latest innovation in healing – the BioCharger! The BioCharger™ NG is a hybrid subtle energy revitalization platform (SERP). The transmitted energy stimulates and invigorates the entire body to optimize and improve potential health, wellness, and athletic performance.

How it works

The non-invasive technology of the BioCharger harnesses electrical energy to stimulate the health of individual cells by increasing their voltage. As explained by Dr. Roy Heilbron, M.D. in the video above, our cells have an electrical charge. If you think of each cell as being like a battery with a voltage, the more energy each cell has the healthier its chemical makeup. In studies, healing cells were found to have a charge of 75 millivolts and healthy cells a charge of 55 millivolts, while sick cells have a charge of 35 millivolts and cancer cells have a charge of only 15 millivolts. So anything that can raise the voltage of your cells allows them to become healthier.

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What conditions does it help?

The BioCharger can be used for multiple ailments and chronic health problems. It has helped improve pain, fatigue, mood, high blood pressure and stress. It has also been used as a complement to cancer therapy and as part of treatment for Lyme Disease. The BioCharger can also be used to optimize athletic performance and recovery time, improve sleep quality, increase focus, improve mobility and flexibility and more.

BioCharger Testimonial

I am very impressed with the BioCharger. I am using it for its health benefits as a natural way of raising my cellular energy as I recover from a two-year battle with cancer and an even more debilitating recovery from a drug called Gabapentin. The withdrawal from Gabapentin gave me seizures, panic attacks, vomiting,sweating… you name it, I had it.

When I first came in to use the BioCharger I was very depleted, exhausted, and an emotional wreck. I can remember barely being able to walk up the stairs to come into the building at Menla Holistic Health, and crying through half the session. After 3 days of using the BioCharger on the frequencies and pulses that I needed, I was a completely different person. Even though the cancer was gone  before my BioCharger treatments, I was still slipping downhill with chronic nerve pain and weakened by the drug withdrawal. I was close to giving up. The BioCharger changed that the very first week. After my third session with BioCharger I went from a bent over, exhausted, in pain, emotional wreck with no hope, to a person with energy who could do the stairs easily, have a positive attitude, less pain, and finally NEW HOPE. I had to be driven to my daily sessions (three to four-a week) the first 2 weeks. By the third week I could drive myself.

I am a doctor of natural medicine and acupuncture so my effort is to let my body heal naturally. I have tried many modalities to get myself stronger but BioCharger seems to be the Magic Bullet. I highly recommend BioCharger for anyone suffering from a chronic condition but also for people who just want to really stay in tip-top shape. Kudos to BioCharger for its emotional balancing program. I can honestly say the BioCharger has saved my life.

— Dr. Holly Hollister