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BrainTap Technologies is an American company that is a platform for brain-based wellness technology and products. Featuring the BrainTap Pro APP & BrainTap Headset.


Since I’ve been using the Brain Tap, my numbers at CellCore have exponentially grown!!!! My husband feels like it is helping his day trading in the stock market too! I also think it is helping him with his healing journey as well. Recovering from chronic illness can mess with your mind even when the answers are right in front of you. This program and the headset are incredible! We are very grateful to you for creating the Brain Tap!

Jacqueline G

Our clinic is new to BrainTap, and we are already seeing some amazing results! Patients are decreasing their stress, experiencing better sleep, eliminating their cravings, and healing their bodies! One patient (so far!) has even noticed an improvement in his eyesight! We are so excited to have discovered this life-changing technology, and want to help bring it to the world.


Dr. Rhonda B

I have been able to benefit from the brain entrainment as a result of Brain Tap use. I am able to evoke “a sensation of no sensation” and a profound “relaxation response” to stop leg cramps and foot pain as needed. Of course, I can also report that my leg cramps and foot pain has very nearly disappeared from my life.

Sandy R

As a clinical psychologist, I am very careful about introducing my patients to new therapies or technologies. In a 30 year practice, I have added three new processes. The latest and one of the most exciting technologies I have ever run across is BrainTap. The changes i have personally experienced and have seen in my patients are wonderful. Lasting positive change is possible using this state of the art, simple to use, encompassing technology.


Jeri L

A patient came in to the office who had previously had a stroke and lost 90% hearing in their left ear. This patient thought they had performed everything possible with the current health paradigm and we were her last resort. Four months after performing a SRE, adjustments biofeedback and braintap sessions specifically per the patients inability to increase the brains capacity and adapatabiltiy, her hearing was restored.


John T

My experience with Brain Tap Technologies was amazing to get so much knowledge offered for new ideas into my own business! Everyone with their expertise were so beneficial to me and for my future. I want to thank each and everyone also from Brain Tap Technologies for their help and generosity. Thank you so much!


Terrie L

I resolved 40 years of insomnia, 10 years of anxiety and depression in just a few weeks. When my teenage daughter is having a bad day, one session of brain tap and she’s feeling great again. I’ve also had tons of patients get incredible results in just a few weeks. Thank you


Dr. Porter!

I have been using the BrAINTAP system for about 2-3 years now. I have completely lowered my stress, excelled in my college education and have been able to sleep like a baby. We use the system in our office also. Our patients have been able to become pain free and live active, healthy lives. I would highly recommend that every practitioner implement this into their practice (no matter what the field-all can benefit) and that every person use the system no matter what their goals in life are. Everyone can take 20-22 minutes out of their hectic lifestyle to decrease stress (which is the leading cause of all disease) to reset their brainwaves.