Red Light Therapy
Leo B.

I have no words to express how great this company is from its highest quality devices on the market to an amazing, kindest customer service and people. I have been researching Red Light Therapy panels for months and you can just stop reading and trust truly the strongest, most quality one Rouge Care. Even if you get Table Top version which should be used on a specific areas it will still cover almost all of your body and with the help of it’s absolutely highest irradiance level you are able to get most of the benefits. I do not want to forget that even at 4 inch it’s EMF result is 0”00. That’s one of the most important aspect when you are buying a device. As for the results I started RLT just 2 weeks ago and already see a huge difference on my skin. My nose and eyes are lifting wonderfully and that’s the sign more collagen matrix is synthesized. I will definitely update my review when months are gone and other systemic effects are resulted. Thank you Marc, Margaret and all the team for creating such a wonderful devices and for being one of the kindest persons I have ever met!

Francis M.

It’s early days, so can’t give feedback yet on the physical effects. I was very impressed though with the quality of manufacture of the 2 Rouge Pro units. The horizontal rack also is solid and well balanced. Only one complaint, and that is there is no hole in the support for vertical positioning. This means the dual units are not firmly held in place. I will mark and drill a corresponding hole which will solve this problem. I would however recommend that Rouge incorporate this small adjustment during the manufacturing process.

Jennifer T.

Marc was awesome to work with. He was extremely patient and thorough in explaining the Rouge devices. The shipment arrived much sooner than expected. Set up was easy and I’ve been using my Rouge Ultimate daily. I would have no hesitation ordering from Marc again. Highly recommend!

Nigel B.

I’ve really enjoyed this thing.

A few highlights:

– I went on a 35k hike the day I got it and decided to shine it on only one leg that night. That leg was essentially pain free compared to the other leg that evening and the next day

– I went on what was supposed to be an easy run the week I got it and my pace was better than ever

– redness of acne is reduced (at ~6 weeks)

-seem to recover from workouts faster

-feeling of alertness and calm confidence in my body after using it

– posture is easier

Pricey but hopefully worth it long term. Rouge customer service was 10/10 as well. Thanks to the Rouge team!

Theresa H.

This is the Mercedes of red-light therapy devices. Instead of a massive modular unit, I have a single full-body device that offers excellent coverage and red light emission. I researched for weeks before choosing this option, and I would recommend this unit highly. Having used it solidly for the past week (I just got it), I can testify to its quality.

Scott M.

I have had knee problems most of my adult life due to sports. Some days my knee feels fine, but other days I over work it and it swells. It usually takes a couple of days of icing for the swelling to go down and I’m able to function normally. My doctor recommends a full knee replacement, but have been putting the operation off. Since I’ve purchased Rouge red light therapy, I noticed a significant difference on the recovery time of my knee as well as the swelling never seems to be as bad as before using the therapy. I use the red light therapy every day, or every other day and I feel an almost immediate effect on my knee. I have more range of motion as well the stability in my knee has improved. I’m very thankful I have found this new therapy. Marathons here I come! …Well maybe I won’t get ahead of myself just yet

Suzanne S.

I LOVE the panel and horizontal stand. It fits perfectly over the bed and what a blissful experience it was to enjoy a bedtime session under the infrared light. So relaxing! Fantastic customer service from Marc. Really very, very happy with this product. Suzie S

Sheleana B.

Love this full body red light. It’s very powerful and we are going to mount it on the wall in our bedroom. I’ve had great results with red light, mainly super soft glowing skin. I bought to give it consistent effort to see if it helps reduce my chronic pain over the winter. Very happy so far with how I feel after a session!