Weightless YOU​

Did you know that your mindset is so important with weight management? Happy Whole You can assist you with your mindset and give you tools to help with your weight loss.  In this two month package you will receive the following listed below.  You will come to Happy twice a week for two months and be doing a Positive YOU program that is done through an app. 
Positive YOU. Access to our Positive Intelligence app
Plant and supplement consultation
4 Detox pod and BrainTap to release toxins and balance your mind 
4 Infrared sauna with BrainTap to release toxins and balance the mind
sessions at HWY for a two month commitment.
8 Energize you which consists of Red and Infrared Light to boost serotonin.  RF foot cleanse and BrainTap to open meridians and balance brain 
8 BioCharger sessions to charge your cells with PEMF and high voltage frequencies